Just Comfy Payment

How May I Pay at Just Comfy?

We have tried to make payments as easy as possible, so with us you are able to use any credit or debit card for your payment or, if you prefer, PayPal.

Payment Security

Just Comfy has worked hard to provide a secure base for your payments and your browser link to our website has been secured by HTTPS. So you can rest easy that your information is safe and your payment process secure.

Encryption for Added Security

We use SSL encryption as an added layer of security to protect your payment details and ensure that they remain confidential.

Information Storage

Just Comfy prioritizes your privacy by taking significant measures to safeguard it. Our approach offers you peace of mind while enjoying our services.

Simple and Secure Checkout

We have simplified our checkout process to make it a smooth and easy experience for you and to guarantee the security that protects your personal information. From cart to checkout, you will experience a smooth and fluent process and have the reassurance of knowing that your security is our priority.


Every Just Comfy customer receives a detailed bill covering all the charges associated with your purchase, so you never need be in any doubt as to what you have bought or how much it has cost. And remember, you won’t pay us anything for our free, worldwide delivery service.

Can I Get Help If I Need It?

You certainly can. Our dedicated customer service team is always standing by in the event that you might have a problem or need support and advice with your transaction. Help is only a click or a call away at all times, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

A smooth, secure and rewarding purchasing experience.