What To Do With Old Duvets


Over time, our duvets can become a little sad and worn and lose their effectiveness. Then it is time for a replacement. But what can we do with the old one? Bulky and hard to dispose of in a sustainable way, stuffing them in our waste bin is not really the answer. In the UK, our increased emphasis on sustainability means there are a number of good and responsible options available.


There are a number of imaginative ways to reuse your old duvet which remove the need for disposal.

CRAFT PROJECTS: Duvets contain considerable amounts of material and filling and these can provide significant resources for crafting, especially the fluffy insides, which can become stuffing for soft toys or pet beds, for example.

PICNIC BLANKET: A strong old duvet can be repurposed as a picnic blanket. You may wish to add a waterproof layer or just a more robust material to one side, but it will make a large and comfortable seating area for an outdoor meal.

PET BEDDING: Just because we have finished with it, doesn’t mean our pets will turn their noses up at it, and an old duvet can be a luxurious addition to our pets’ sleeping area. But do wash it first.

HOME INSULATION: The contents of a duvet can be added to our loft insulation as a top-up option.

DONATION: Old duvets are welcomed by some homeless and animal shelters, but do check with them before taking them round as they will have procedures and restrictions for you to be aware of.


If you don’t fancy the repurposing option, recycling your duvet is another responsible way of disposing of it – and there are several ways to do this.

COUNCIL COLLECTIONS: Many UK councils offer a collection service, guaranteeing to recycle your duvet for you. There may be a cost associated with this, though, so do check their terms for this arrangement.

RECYCLING CENTRES: Many recycling centres accept old duvets, but some require you to separate the duvet from its cover before taking it to them, so this is something to check in advance.

TEXTILE RECYCLING: The UK has many textile recycling companies that will accept duvets. However, they are not easy to recycle, so check with the company concerned that they are happy to accept your old duvet.


Duvets can be a little awkward to dispose of responsibly and safely, but the UK has a number of options for you to choose from. The secret is to give some time and thought in order to do it well. Repurposing, recycling and careful disposal are all legitimate options that contribute towards the future of our planet and avoid them ending up in a landfill site. All of this contributes to the beauty and cleanliness of our communities.

So, whether you opt to indulge your creative side or just choose a responsible and sustainable option, there is a choice beyond stuffing your old duvet in the bin.