How To Use A Pregnancy Pillow

Achieving a good night’s sleep during pregnancy is both vital and, often, difficult. The changes in body shape that take place mean regular adjustments to one’s sleeping position and support needs have to be made. What works at three months may need changing at six months, and again at eight months. Pregnancy pillows are specially designed to provide extra support for your neck, back and belly as these changes take place, increasing the possibility that you will get the rest you require.


Pregnancy pillows have been uniquely designed to provide the kind of support you need as your body shape changes. There are three types – C-shaped, U-shaped and Wedge-shaped – and they can be used to provide support for those parts of your body that are under additional stress during pregnancy.

C-SHAPED – These can be wrapped around your body to give extra support to your head, back or knees, reducing muscle strain in these areas.

U-SHAPED – Larger pillows, these provide support on either side of your body and are of particular use to those who change their sleeping position from one side to the other during the night.

WEDGE-SHAPED – Smaller pillows, these can be slipped under your back or between your knees to give extra support as and when and where you need it.


As your body grows and changes during pregnancy, these different pillows each come into their own and you will need to make regular adjustments to which pillows you are using, and how and where you are placing them to suit your changing needs. Your ideal sleeping position may also change and these pillows are helpful in making those changes.


Pregnancy pillows are not just for the bed or for sleeping. They can also be used to support you whilst you are sitting or lying on a settee or can be built up into a kind of nest to surround and support you, compensating for the additional stress being placed on your lower back and knees and so reducing the potential for muscle pain.


Your pregnancy pillows will become your best friend during this period, so looking after them will be important. Most come with removable, washable covers and the pillows themselves can also be washed, though these should be air-dried to avoid them becoming hard.


Pregnancy pillows can make a significant difference in aiding deep and comfortable sleep at a time when you need it more than ever. They offer support for every part of your body that needs it and can become a kind of comfort castle for you in which to rest, confident that you will awake free from muscle pain. Just remember that you and your needs are unique and what is good for someone else may not be right for you, and vice versa. Experiment, test and be ready to change your pillows, where and how you use them, as your body changes.